Permanent residence and citizenship of Paraguay, Caribbean countries, Spain and Portugal without difficulties and bureaucracy

We simplify the receipt of documents, accompany at every step, adapt to your requests, discover the nuances of the ethics and life of the chosen country.

About Us
Team of professionals with the necessary knowledge, education and connections. We have come together to reduce the difficulties associated with immigration and make your life in a new country as convenient as possible. We offer services in all areas of immigration law, business processes and the organization of a comfortable life in Paraguay and other coutries
The process is conducted by an experienced licensed immigration specialist. Our knowledge, experience and skills work in the interests of the client.
The principles of our work are efficiency and responsibility. We value our reputation and solve the assigned tasks using our best professional qualities.

Our priority is the interests of the client. We build our work taking into account individual nuances, reveal the benefits and risks in each case.
Residence of Paraguay
Temporal Residency "Standard"
3200$ per adult person
2500$ per child (under 18)
Time needed for TR application: 3-5 working days
Waiting time for TR card: 3-6 months
Waiting time for cedula*: 45 days
*ID card
Temporal Residency "Express"
4000$ per adult person
3400$ per child (under 18)
Time needed for TR application: 2-3 working days
Waiting time for TR card: 20 days
Waiting time for cedula*: 15 days
*ID card
Permanent Residency "Express"
3000$ per adult person
2600$ per child (under 18)
Time needed for PR application: 2-4 working days
Waiting time for PR card: 1 month
Waiting time for cedula*: 20 days
*ID card
Permanent Residency "Investment"
Obtaining a permanent residency permit trough the investment program
Time needed for PR application: 5-10 working days
Waiting time for PR card: 1 month
Opening of a company
investment project for SUACE

Get a price booklet
We have prepared for you a detailed booklet with prices, a list of services and a description of all the details of cooperation
Other services
Paraguayan driver's license
Receipt within a few days
Cargo container for personal purposes
Import of a container with your personal belongings for moving after applying for permanent residence
Personal translator
Interpreter for meetings and negotiations

Cargo container for commercial purposes
Import & export of cargo container for commercial purposes from and to Paraguay
Cash withdrawal and funds transfer
Assistance with legal withdrawal of funds

Opening a bank account in Paraguay
Local debit card for domestic payment (after receiving ID card)
Obtaining a visa at the Consulate of Paraguay in Foz do Iguacu or Clorinda
A visa is required for citizens of the Russian Federation and Ukraine to apply for permanent residence in Paraguay. We get a visa in one day
Registration of a legal entity
Consultation and assistance during registration of a legal entity
Guide-driver for traveling around the country

The price includes a car, payment for services, accommodation and meals for the guide-driver. Gasoline, accommodation, food and other expenses are paid by the client separately

Bodyguard services

Bodyguard with a concealed carry permit

Buying a property
Consulting and assistance of real estate transactions
About Us
We provide a wide range of services: from obtaining permanent residence and driving licenses, opening a legal entity, obtaining tax certificates, to investment projects, assistance with transferring your savings to a more comfortable environment and providing a bodyguard.

We are also providing services outside of Paraguay, thanks to our partners. We will help you with the nuances of migration, investment and obtaining a residence permit and citizenship in countries such as Argentina, Brazil, Dominica, Grenada, Saint Kitts and Nevis, Antigua and Barbuda, Saint Lucia, Vanuatu, Portugal, Spain
Alexander Dvachevski
Chef partner and founder of DVACHEVSKI&PARTNERS
I was born in Paraguay, studied in Russia for 6 years in secondary school and then graduated high school in Paraguay. I take an academic degree in the University of Barcelona, Spain. I am fluent in Russian, Spanish and English. I began my activity with consultations, support, assistance to those who came for opening legal entities in Paraguay. I invested a lot of time and effort into studying the law and developing my own skills in the immigration field. I continue to improve my abilities in order to provide clients with services at a highly professional level even after obtaining a license as an immigration specialist. I have been building a reputation as a competent and reliable specialist over the course of several years, which I cherish.
I managed to form a multinational team of professionals from different countries such as Paraguay, Argentina, Brazil, Great Britain and the CIS countries.
Our team is successfully working to minimize the difficulties and costs associated with the immigration process and make your life in a new country as comfortable as possible.

Years helping visitors with immigration

Professionals in our team

Happy clients

Visas and citizenships of other countries

Residences through our partners outside of Paraguay
Grenada, Dominica, Saint Kitts & Nevis, Antigua & Barbuda, St. Lucia, Vanuatu
Business residency - European citizenship through investment programs
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